Gourmet Burger Builder

07 Nov 2016


Why not challenge your students to build a gourmet burger using beef or lamb from Northern Ireland? A fantastic interactive resource has just been launched through our partnership with Meat and Education.

The Gourmet Burger Builder challenges students to create their own Gourmet Burger using beef or lamb and a variety of vegetables, fruit, cheese, spices and herbs along with breads and toppings.

The activity goes through the stages of ingredient selection, mixing, dividing and shaping, cooking and assembly. A detailed personalised step-by-step recipe is produced so that students can make their own beef or lamb burger in the classroom or at home, as well as nutritional analysis and an overview of allergens.

IT in food

The activity is a great way to support food education, as well as link to IT and numeracy in the curriculum. Not only will Gourmet Burger Builder inspire pupils to be creative, but it also demonstrates a good use of IT - allowing them to develop a new recipe and look at the consequence of their choices. 

Resources and support

To support teachers, a guide and six lessons are provided as PowerPoint presentations, plus structured worksheets are available that can be used with any theme. The burger ingredients used in the activity are also available to download as food cards support the use of the programme in the classroom.

To create your own burger, go to: http://burgerbuilder.meatandeducation.com/

Roy Ballam, BNF - 07 Nov 2016

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