03 Sep 2018

Its official, summer 2018 is over.

Goodbye summer, hello September.

We hope all teachers and students had an enjoyable break and are feeling ready to take on the new academic year! Here at the Livestock and Meat Commission we have been working hard creating fresh new content and new recipes. Our Food4Life website has been updated with these recipes and short video clips. We encourage you to make use of resources, such as  recipe posters, cards and the new recipe booklet. Keep an eye on our blog for relevant updates; we currently have 2 new blog posts ‘beef and lamb workshops 2018’ and ‘Love Lamb week 2018’.

Be sure to book your beef and lamb cookery demos for the 18/19 academic year as soon as possible. Last year we were delighted to complete a total of 328 demos and we aim to match that this year. 

Keep in contact with us through our social media channels.






Cherrie Kenny - 03 Sep 2018

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