Extending 2021 demonstrations

05 May 2021

We have now reached the third term of this academic year, and as we resume in person teaching in the classroom many secondary school teachers will find themselves in a different position than normal with changes to examinations and coursework. Here in the Livestock and Meat Commission we are planning to extend our beef and lamb cookery demonstration programme into the summer term between March and June.

If you had to postpone a demonstrations, or your school wasn’t open at the start of this year for visitors, please feel free to complete an online school cookery demonstration booking form.

The beef and lamb demonstration will allow for pupils to further develop their practical skills, and put theory into practice. Our demonstrations have been tailored to work within covid-19 guidelines making it a safe way for pupils to pick up new skills. We also encourage you to make use of our resources such as recipe posters books and cards which can be found on the website. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter to keep up to date.


05 May 2021

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