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Italian steak sandwich

  • Serves 2
  • 20 mins


2 Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured  lean sirloin steak

1 x 5ml spoon (1tsp) oil from sundried tomatoes

6 sundried tomatoes

3 cloves garlic

8 black or green pitted olives

2 x 15ml spoons (2 tbsp) half fat crème fraiche

1 x 15ml spoon (1 tsp) oil

To serve
1 ciabatta bread

Mixed salad leaves


Measuring spoons, frying pan, tongs, tin foil, chopping board, knife, wooden spoon, bread knife.


  1. Fry the steak in the sundried tomato oil for 3-4 minutes on each side.
  2. Remove from the pan and wrap in tin foil to rest and keep warm.
  3. Chop the sundried tomatoes. Peel and chop the garlic.
  4. Cut the olives in half.
  5. Heat the oil and fry the vegetables and garlic for 2 minutes. Add the crème fraiche and stir.
  6. Remove the steak from the foil and cut in half.
  7. Slice the ciabatta in half.
  8. Serve the steak slices in the ciabatta with the tomatoes and olives some mixed salad leaves.

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